Dear ladies and gentlemen! We are more than delighted to tell you about us, about your mission, the history and the meaning of our brand, and the high level of standards that we pursue. We are also happy to share the story about the creation of this website and the photos.

Kedrov - семь лет гостеприимства


We are glad to see you as our guest and would like to tell about our chain of hotels. The idea is simple: only the tallest hotels of Russia are part of the chain.

The first hotel Triumph Palace was founded in 2009 and takes the last 3 floors of a residential skyscraper. It features 15 rooms. The second one - Imperia City Hotel - appeared in 2013 and is situated on the last floor of Imperia Tower Skyscraper in Moscow-City business center. This hotel offers 30 rooms for accommodation.

At the moment we are in the process of construction of the third hotel 100 km away from Moscow – Georgiyevskiy Castle. It’s a 7-storey castle in European style with its own take-off runway, helicopter pad, petting zoo, swimming pool, fitness center, spa center, four wheeler rentals, horseback riding, fishing and hunting areas. The expected time opening of the hotel is 2017.

We are also in the process of constructing another hotel on Pokrovka St. But its theme and the time of opening are a secret now.


As you may have guessed the founding father and the owner of the hotel has the last name Kedrov hence the name of the brand Kedrov Hotels. It’s a family business with family values. All our staff are a big friendly family working hard in hospitality sphere.

We believe that our attitude and views are partly the reason why our clients become regulars. We highly appreciate each and every guest and are always glad to welcome you in any hotel of our chain.

Corporate style and colors on the logo depicting a lion stand for nobleness, power, family and our values we have spoken about above.


We realize why guests choose our hotels. Besides perfect location & high level of services, our rooms are on top floors of skyscrapers and windows are larger than in average hotels. These advantages allow guests to enjoy absolutely majestic views from their windows.

We did our best to try to convey in the photos all the beauty of panoramic views and prime comfort in the rooms. The shootings were done at a certain time of the day allowing the best lighting. We used various camera lenses and Canon EOS 5D Mark III to capture the finest picture and spent about 5 months to do a detailed photo shooting of the hotel. You can learn about our photographer Yevgeniy Syomkin and photo shootings at the hotel here. All images on the website have minimum editing, no retouching, inserted backgrounds or objects.


We believe your feedback really matters and appreciate all your comments. It’s an important part in managing the hotel right. We are excited to learn what you think of our new website, level of service and accommodation, cleanliness of rooms, possible improvements and so on. You can call us, write us, or let the staff know what you think when you stay at one of our hotels. We are also registered on Facebook and Instagram, so we can write you back in no time. Thank you very much for your feedback.